Academic Research Hub

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Save Time and Improve the Quality of Your Thoughts By Connecting Your Research Ideas Within the Academic Research Hub

Are you an academic, PhD Student, college student or a researcher who loves using Notion? Are you looking for a dashboard to manage your academic research literature and research projects? If so, the Academic Research Hub is for you.

Being an avid researcher with several scientific conference publications, a journal article and numerous Medium articles, I needed somewhere to manage my research projects, notes and reference material. That'swhere Notion and the Academic Research Hub comes in. It combines years of ideas and systems that I have used to publish my own articles. Now you can use it too.

The Academic Research Hub Will Help You:

  • Make it easier to mange your references, citations, literature notes and research projects within a single place
  • Save time and maintain your focus without needing to switch between multiple apps
  • Improve your quality of thought when generating new ideas
  • Improve the quality of your literature notes to make ideas clearer
  • Keep track of upcoming conferences, abstract deadlines and manuscript submission deadlines

What is Included within the Academic Research Hub?

  • Interlinked databases to connect your literature notes, references, projects and authors
  • Predesigned templates for projects and literature notes
  • All of your notes, projects and literature within a single Notion dashboard
  • Quick Notes & Ideas database to quickly capture your thoughts
  • Tasks database to manage all of your tasks
  • Dedicated database for storing figures, tables and screen captures from literature


Q. How do I use the template?
A. After you have purchased this template you will be given access to the template to duplicate into your own workspace.

Q. Will it work on the free plan of Notion?
A. Yes. It will! Once you have purchased the template you can duplicate the template into your own Notion workspace.

Q. Help! I have found an issue and I want to report it.
A. Apologies in advance if you have come across any issues. Please feel free to drop me a tweet or a DM on Twitter at @Andy_Notion

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Access to the Notion Academic Research Hub dashboard


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Academic Research Hub

8 ratings
I want this!